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A special note about Elopements- I give special discount pricing for all elopements however since elopements are by their nature simple and sort of no-frills please keep in mind:

An elopement is an event that takes place with in 72 hours of contacting me-otherwise I consider it a regular wedding.

An elopement is attended by myself and the couple-up to two guests or attendents may accompany you-otherwise I consider it a regular wedding.

An elopement is local-to me- I will meet you in the central Arkansas area-Little Rock, North Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Alexander.

I do not accept checks for payment.



Do you just want to get away and get married?*

Do you not want the "whole thing" ceremony?*

Are you really into special, romantic moments?*

Do you crave spontenaity and individualism?*

Call me!

Anytime day, afternoon or early evening.

In the Bryant, Benton, Little Rock, NLR area.


Please remember that you do need a marriage certificate so allow time for that before you call. If there is time to get to the courthouse on a business day then one day elopements are possible. Commitments and  vow renewals can be on a moments notice. I'll meet you wherever- the park, that special spot where you 1st met, on top of Pinnacle Mountain ( as long as the park is open), etc.

So, grab your best guy or best gal and your license and call me.

**flower photo from the net, not mine.

Just a note

Some of you might have found my website via a related search -- like you put Spiritual Humanism in google and found me.

I just wanted to make sure that I give credit where credit is due.

I am not the original Spiritual Humansist- R.A. Zorger, the president of the church is the brain behind the movement.

The simple fact is we Humanists have existed in many forms for all of history- and in it's many incarnations the reality has been:

Humans believing in Humanity and trusting in themselves and each other.

There are many other Spiritual Humanists and SH officiants- I encourage each of you to explore the vast world that we inhabit.


Sending the very best hopes that the Karma you develop is good Karma.

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send them to your family and friends if you wish.


Contracting my services

Thank you for you interest in my services. I am always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in order to assit you in choosing the best officiant for your needs. Please be aware that as a professional I book my work through the use of contracts- many of which are simple emailed documents- after you contact me and express a desire to utilize my services I will send you a contract-if after reviewing the contract you decide to forego my services all you need do is simply email me a "Thanks but No Thanks" reply.