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What is an Invocation?

Simply put an invocation is a public request for: guidance, good will, luck, power, good wishes, help, substance,guidance, implementation, good things, and any other manner of public announcement.

Invocations can be at the opening of a meeting, business, retreat, ceremony, graduation,sporting event,award ceremonies, banquet dinners, fundraiser anywhere an observed beginning is needed.

Invocation is not a synonym for religious prayer. Invocations in the Humanist sense are an inclusive way of bringing a diverse group of people together during a common event.


here is one example as deliverd in Florida at a City Hall meeting:

Tom Clark's Invocation

What makes this country great is not that everyone thinks alike but the diversity of its people.

We are gathered today, both religious and secular members of our community, with the shared belief that we must treat each other with dignity and respect.

In this invocation I don't ask you to bow your heads, but to look up at what you can accomplish by working together in a civil manner.

I don't ask you to close your eyes, but to keep them open wide to the problems that we face as a city.

With your talents and insight you can lead this community to a better future.

As you work together on behalf of all who live in this city, may you draw strength and encouragement from one another through compassion and reason.

Remember, being a member of the majority doesn't necessarily make you right, just part of a group that thinks alike.

Tom Clark, a new Life Member of the Foundation, is Vice President of the American Civil Liberties Union, Lee County Chapter; President of the Cape Coral Neighborhood Watch (population 180,000); Treasurer of the Lee County Libertarian Party, and member of the Neighborhood Accountability Board that helps juveniles make restitution to keep them from being adjudicated.

another example: from the NOSHA news Fall 2004

delivered by Michael R. Harvey in Tampa Florida-July 29th, 2004

link here:



 Example of a meal invocation:


“…Help us make the most of this life we are living.  As we are about to partake of this bountiful meal, let us not forget the needy and the hunger they feel.  Help us to show compassion in all that we do, and for all our many blessings we say thank you.

                        Helen Latham




Invocation from an Ohio State University meeting on education:



Sisters and Brothers, we gather on this grand day, understanding that we come from different places, hold different values, and cherish different beliefs.  Yet, today we are united in gratitude.


In a world where many cannot study, we are thankful for the achievements, degrees, and honors that we celebrate today.


In a world were many have no future, we are thankful for the dreams, hopes, and plans that have been nourished in the community of this institution.


In a world where many have no community, we are thankful for the support of mentors, teachers, family, and friends.


As we go on from this grand day, on different paths, to different experiences, and different destinies, may our gratitude unite us in the desire of using all that we are and all that we have for the common good so that reasons to be thankful will fill every life.


May our gratitude on this grand day grow into peace for each, and freedom to live, work, and serve throughout all our days.  May It Be So





The Pledge of Allegance is an invocation-- the words "under god" were added during the 1950's and are not original to the pledge.


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Just a note

Some of you might have found my website via a related search -- like you put Spiritual Humanism in google and found me.

I just wanted to make sure that I give credit where credit is due.

I am not the original Spiritual Humansist- R.A. Zorger, the president of the church is the brain behind the movement.

The simple fact is we Humanists have existed in many forms for all of history- and in it's many incarnations the reality has been:

Humans believing in Humanity and trusting in themselves and each other.

There are many other Spiritual Humanists and SH officiants- I encourage each of you to explore the vast world that we inhabit.


Sending the very best hopes that the Karma you develop is good Karma.

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