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Marriage is a personal statement to the world about the new couple.


Congratulations on your decision to join yourselves as one

Traditional Elements, Contemporary Elements, Totally New and You Elements, or a Fusion of Elements


I encourage you to sit together and discuss your day-your way. I am only limited by what it actually takes to marry a couple, the legal language and marriage license signing- the rest is up to you.

 *                          *

I promise you a wonderful-fun experience that will live in your hearts and memory forever.

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I have several resource texts I like when it comes to ceremonies- however, they are not the only things I use- You are very welcome to come up with your own unique ceremony that is all your own- In fact I encourage it. See my Elements of Ceremony,Texts page for more ideas.


*photos from the web, I did not take them and I do not own them.


Whether it is the quite traditional "Dearly Beloved" ceremony or a

" Barefoot in the park" party

I encourage you both to be involved in the planning.

Let nature, music and the arts be your guide.

Write personalized vows- memorizing them is nice but even if you must put them down in writing it is still the magic of sharing your own words and thoughts.

How about singing instead of reciting- or strumming a guitar as you simply let your thoughts and feeling flow.

Many couples are walking down the aisle to their song-no longer saving it for the first dance- they incorporate it right into their ceremony- it's not your song for nothing- let it speak volumes about the both of you.

Have your ceremony in a spectacular location- such as the Arkansas Arts Center, or the top of Petit Jean Mountain.

Are you blending religious ideas, cultural ideas, other ideas? How about dressing in Kilts for the gentlemen or Saris for the entire wedding party. Do you want to include cultural elements that show honor and respect for you ancestors-some couples choose to jump a broom to honor the presence of their ancestors who were brought into the Americas as slaves and who were not allowed to marry as others were.

Take time in your ceremony to remember those who have lived before- it is from them that we truly come from- we are their immortality. To speak the name of a person (even if it was just your little old grandmother) honors us all.


*the photo of the homemade hotair balloon is from the net- it was from a beach wedding- I did not officiate the ceremony nor did I take the photo and I do not own it. all other photos are from the net also.




Just a note

Some of you might have found my website via a related search -- like you put Spiritual Humanism in google and found me.

I just wanted to make sure that I give credit where credit is due.

I am not the original Spiritual Humansist- R.A. Zorger, the president of the church is the brain behind the movement.

The simple fact is we Humanists have existed in many forms for all of history- and in it's many incarnations the reality has been:

Humans believing in Humanity and trusting in themselves and each other.

There are many other Spiritual Humanists and SH officiants- I encourage each of you to explore the vast world that we inhabit.


Sending the very best hopes that the Karma you develop is good Karma.

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Contracting my services

Thank you for you interest in my services. I am always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in order to assit you in choosing the best officiant for your needs. Please be aware that as a professional I book my work through the use of contracts- many of which are simple emailed documents- after you contact me and express a desire to utilize my services I will send you a contract-if after reviewing the contract you decide to forego my services all you need do is simply email me a "Thanks but No Thanks" reply.