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All information on this page is correct to the best of my knowledge. However, laws and regulations are subject to change and may vary from county to county so it is in your best interest to contact the clerk of the court in the county in which you are obtaining your licence, birth certificate, death certificate, etc


General Marriage regulations

You must obtain a marriage license from any County Clerk's office. 

The officiant does not obtain the license and the license cost is not a part of my fees.  

The cost varies - I believe that in most AR counties now it is $60- please check with your own county clerk for the correct fee. The fee is payable in CASH only, no checks, money orders, credit or debit cards.

You do not have to be an Arkansas resident to apply for/obtain an Arkansas marriage license- however you must use the license in Arkansas.

The license is valid for 60 days from date of issue. It must be returned either used or unused within the  60 days.  It is non-refundable. If not used within 60 days it must be surrendered to the issuing Clerks Office or a bond of about $100 will be issued for each applicant. I will be glad to file your license for you- however it is to your benefit to return it yourself- that way you are assured it is done properly. Usually I will place it in the regular mail to return it.

There is no waiting period- you may get married the day the license is issued.

There are no blood or medical tests required.

Ministers must have their credentials recorded in one of Arkansas' 75 counties. I am registered in Saline County but am allowed to perform ceremonies statewide. I am ordained with the Church of Spiritual Humanism- my ordination is on file at the main church office-

Males and females ages 21 and under must present a state certified copy of their birth certificate, an active military ID or a valid passport.

Males and females over the age of 22 can present either a valid drivers license, a state certified copy of their birth certificate, an active military ID, or a valid passport showing their correct name and date of birth. If you are divorced, widowed etc and your documentation does not show your correct name you will need additional paperwork to document this- such as a divorce decree.

Persons must be 18 in order to be married.

Males age 17 and females age 16-17 may be married with the consent of their parents. Parents of the couple must however come in to sign the marriage book with the applicants when the license is issued. If only one parent is able to sign, due to death, divorce, separation or other circumstances- then certified papers must be produced for verification of those circumstances before a license will be issued.

Males under 17 and females under 16 are prohibited from marrying without a court order. Contact your county clerk for information.

You do not have to have witnesses in Arkansas- the officiant serves as your witness.

At this time same -sex marriage is not legally recognized in Arkansas-(however this officiant believes that it takes much more than a license to make a marriage and believes that all marriages are spiritually and morally valid).

Arkansas does not recognize "cousin marriage".

Do not put this off until the last minute-- things come up and I can not certify your marriage without the license. I can perform a civil non-binding ceremony for you if for some reason you do not have a marriage license- but in order for the marriage to be legal and binding I (or another) officiant/judge/etc must perform a marriage when you get the license- this can be as simple as the officiant asking the couple if they wish to be married-the couple giving an affirmative answer and then the officiant can sign the license.

The marriage license is signed on the day it is used- dates in the past or the future can not legally be put on your marriage license.



How much is a marriage license in Arkansas?

Generally the fee is $60-- and will be cash only. However-PLEASE check with your local county clerk for the exact fee before you go- things are always subject to change.