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Love is not the sole domain of heterosexual couples. I believe that all  persons have an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As a dear friends says: "Love don't have a gender y'all!"



I would be honored to be a part of your celebration, your way. As an officiant I am dedicated to the wellbeing of all people- I recognize and honor the sanctity of all marriage relationships.



Someday - I hope soon- the State of Arkansas will get straightened (or rather might I say un-straightened out) about the whole civil rights thing. Until then I am honored to stand with any couple who wishes to share their love and commitment.



*as always- I found these photos on the internet and do not own them and did not take them.


An important part of Spiritual Humanism is the fusing of traditional ceremony elements within the framework of religion with reason and rationality.

Some suggestions for a commitment ceremony all your own:

Write vows to each other- you are the ones who know what you feel best, tell your beloved  in your own words exactly why you are standing before the Universe and declaring your self to them and no one else

*               *

Share in the lighting of a Unity candle- have parents or friends share in this also- two hearts joining as one is the greatest of unions-the symbolic lighting of one candle from two is a beautiful addition to any ceremony.   


How about a Unity Cup- that's right, instead of a shared candle lighting have a cup of wine, ale, cider, whatever take its place.  


Tying the Knot-- after all you are binding yourselves together forever. Tie Knots can be elaborate or simple. Think about tying a different color with each of your vows.

(see page for some ideas!)

In touch with Mother Earth- have an ELEMENTS table. Instead of a traditional altar have this- on a table or bench have:

Candles -representing the element Fire

Water or even Ice-representing the element Water

Incense, or Wind Chimes- representing the element Air

Sand, Soil, Stones- representing the element Earth

Your own special symbol symbolizing that all important element LOVE


A Buddist tradition is taking red silk thread and tying a piece around the little finger of each partner, then pouring water over the joined hands to symbolize the strength of a new union.

Design the most amazing cake ever- then find someone to make it for you.

Take breaks in your ceremony to have friends and family come forward and read special items such as favorite quotes or poems. Have someone sing or even dance.

Write your own ceremony- I am only limited by the laws of the State of Arkansas- I can not "legally" pronounce you wife and wife or husband and husband- but I can pronounce you as a Spiritually Married Couple or ... I would be honored to help you share your thoughts and feelings as your officiant

this is only the beginning-- feel free to dream

*unless otherwise noted all photos are from the internet and I make no claim to them.