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A special note about Elopements- I give special discount pricing for all elopements however since elopements are by their nature simple and sort of no-frills please keep in mind:

An elopement is an event that takes place with in 72 hours of contacting me-otherwise I consider it a regular wedding.

An elopement is attended by myself and the couple-up to two guests or attendents may accompany you-otherwise I consider it a regular wedding.

An elopement is local-to me- I will meet you in the central Arkansas area-Little Rock, North Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Alexander.

I do not accept checks for payment.



Do you just want to get away and get married?*

Do you not want the "whole thing" ceremony?*

Are you really into special, romantic moments?*

Do you crave spontenaity and individualism?*

Call me!

Anytime day, afternoon or early evening.

In the Bryant, Benton, Little Rock, NLR area.


Please remember that you do need a marriage certificate so allow time for that before you call. If there is time to get to the courthouse on a business day then one day elopements are possible. Commitments and  vow renewals can be on a moments notice. I'll meet you wherever- the park, that special spot where you 1st met, on top of Pinnacle Mountain ( as long as the park is open), etc.

So, grab your best guy or best gal and your license and call me.

**flower photo from the net, not mine.