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One of the first questions I am asked is

"Are you available on the date of our wedding?" Calender (but do call/email in any case, sometimes i'm booked but have time at another point in the day)

The next question is almost always

"What is your fee?

My base fee for any ceremony is $150.00-- this is the base fee that we will begin with. Many ceremonies will not go beyond this base fee- many will. Elopements and funerals are different-please visit those individual pages for more information-link for elopements and link for funerals .

Do you have package deals? No, each wedding/event is unique and deserves the very best of everything that I can give you- this includes my fees- no cookie cutter weddings or fees here.

Link to weddings and commitment ceremony pages.

Where the will the ceremony take place- since I will travel anywhere in Arkansas(schedule permitting) I have to allow for travel expenses-naturally a simple wedding in the very central Little Rock area will be less expensive than one in Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, Mountain Home, Eureka Springs, Texarkana, etc.

What is needed- a simple show up and talk from prepared text or complete ceremony writing and revision.

Do you need me to attend a rehersal- rehersals are always schedule permitting- unless you hire me as a seperate fee for the date of your rehearsal- I simply can no longer decline bookings in order to attend rehersals.

I am happy to meet with any couple at no charge for a no obligation 30 minute consultation prior to being hired. This will give you a chance to get to know me and so that I can determine your needs and give you a fair cost for service.

I do require a deposit of at least 1/2 at the time a ceremony is booked. This protects us both. The deposit might be more than 1/2 if travel expenses are required(they must be paid up front). In addition my ability to attend a rehearsal is limited and does not factor into the fee I charge. It is a seperate fee in and of itself- unless I say otherwise in writing.

I do not accept checks for payment-this includes the deposit. I accept money order,cashiers check, cash and I am working on Paypal set up but not yet. On occasion I will accept a check for the deposit -usually this is for out of town or state customers.

This deposit is non-refundable unless I can rebook a ceremony on the same date or I cancel for any reason; I have never canceled yet- and never will - but I offer this promise in good faith to you, I'm not just going to take your deposit and "run".

My fee does not include any other ceremony expenses, it does not include the cost of any licenses,rentals or other fees you must pay.

I am unable to provide ceremony texts, ideas, etc until after the deposit is paid.

I would be glad to craft a ceremony text for you if that is all you need. Pricing is based on complexity and length. Each is customized and will never be identical to another.

I provide a high quality service to my couples and others. I am dedicated to my work and strive for professionalism and honor at all times.



contingency plans

What happens if there is an emergency-- like I get sick or my car breaks down.

Great question!- and one I was asked yesterday-and so I thought it was time to mention it here.

I consider the comittment that we have with each other to be a sacred one- of mutual trust and respect- I consider it a professional duty to provide for unexpected eventualities.

To date it hasn't happened, i've never been late or missed an event- I did miss a rehersal once for a child's illness-but you better believe I made the wedding!

I want you to know that I have back up plans, I have people who I can call, I will call a cab if I must, my daughters are adults so barring life threatening emergencies they are fine with my mother even. I will even find another officiant.

Possibly a family member would be willing to step in and using the ceremony provided take care of the ceremony for you- this would be an extreme last effort for all involved- then I would refund anything paid (provided i'm the one doing the cancelling) and marry you asap.