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**Hawaii Wedding Officiant also serving the Seattle, Washington area- Julie

**Michigan Officiant- Chuck M. (also Indiana, Illinois, Ohio)

**Sheila Vernick-- Massachusetts

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I love building my business-- this is my link to ThumbTack--- it is free and takes just a few minutes to set up and register-- it looks great!

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Ceremonies by Sheila Cordellia

Want Officiants & Clergy? Ceremonies by Sheila Cordellia is the top choice. Visit Ceremonies by Sheila Cordellia at & create a review of this wedding vendor & others.

Keeping track of all your wedding to-dos is effortless with OneWed's wedding checklist. Add, subtract and delegate tasks from vetting a vendor to buying wedding jewelry.

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Interfaith Officiants       Ordained Marriage Officiants, and interfaith and non denominational clergy for a variety of life cycle events

Need a photographer?           Check out      Cheryl Mauldin owner/photographer.    "Photography for Real Life"         History and traditions of Handfasting- not the only site- but a good one.


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Wedding planning guide for brides-to-be. Search for wedding bands,wedding accessories, or wedding vendors that you need!  Note: on April 13, 2007- I was priviledged to stand with Elizabeth and her partner LaRisa before family and friends in Little Rock Arkansas as the pledged their love and commitment to one another. They have a beautiful family and I stuck around to see their first dance as a wedded couple and the love I saw was absolutely amazing. Congratulations to them and my love always. ---- As Ceremonies by Sheila Cordellia. Good information for all aspects of any ceremony. If you have a business I recommend them- I get loads of 'hits' from them and they are free!


Find a Wedding Professional at The Wedding Zone  ---- under officiants. Support group for gay and lesbian families and individuals. News. Links. and  as  Ceremonies by Sheila Cordellia      Kindra makes custom handfasting cords, she also has some ready to buy. Member
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The following links should be considered a basic start to the study of Spiritual Humanism- they should also give you all some more information into the movement and my involvement.

After all many of you have found this site while searching for alternatives to traditional celebrants and I think that it is important to let you  know in as much detail as I can who I am.      The Credo of Spiritual Humanism (however, please remember that Wiki can be "updated" by anyone and I encourage further study of many sites not just one) 

http://    a fellow officiant's page    


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1) Athiest Wedding ideas... aka coming out

Dog Training

My friend Barbara Adams is an experienced dog trainer with 20 years experience with 10 of them in search and rescue.

Helping senior citizens is her specialty.

visit her at

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Often my family and I do not see eye to eye- but they are my family and I will stand beside them no matter what.(What is important to them is important to me). Here are some links to some of their interests, they are all quite worth checking out...     My brother and sister in laws church- they do lots of medical mission trips, I am very proud of the free medical work they do as a part of this church!    Did I mention my brother graduates this December from nursing school== Update 12/09/2006 My brother graduated with a BSN and received the Army Award for Outstanding Nursing Student as well.    My daughters attended many years at Bryant- so did I, my youngest is still a student and my oldest graduated in 2005.   Oldest daughter currently here--- moving here> in the spring

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sometimes when I come across a site that I think is worth passing on I'll post a link here- of course they are totally responsible for their content.   Australian Native Fish site-- managed(is that the right word?) by a sibling Toadfish!   I am a toadfish-- you should be one as well!     I just found this (6-28-07)   LITE-BRITE  online and no peg limit- so I make the entire thing green if I want!

OR   he is on freewebs and has a different charity each month- check it out and give and spread love and peace to all. and   Mr Jones is an artist. His fractal art is amazing.