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Nov 9, 2011

Have a very busy day scheduled for 11-11-11! Next year it will be 12-12-12.
This year has brought me so many blessings and good times.
My family is healthy.

I hope that as each of you travel through this holiday season you take a moment each day to reflect on what it is to be human and what each of us can do TODAY for another human being. Love is not supernatural it is something that we craft in our spirits daily.

Happy Holidays!

Nov 9, 2011

Have a very busy day scheduled for 11-11-11! Next year it will be 12-12-12.
This year has brought me so many blessings and good times.
My family is healthy.

I hope that as each of you travel through this holiday season you take a moment each day to reflect on what it is to be human and what each of us can do TODAY for another human being. Love is not supernatural it is something that we craft in our spirits daily.

Happy Holidays!

Such a busy year


I have had such a busy year--work, work, work and all my family and friends.

I could write an update book--- but will refrain.

As the winter approaches may all of you enjoy the special time with loves ones in your own traditional ways.

More later.......................

Winter Solstice Victory

If you visited the Arkansas state capitol over the holidays and wandered on down to where the Nativity is displayed you most likely noticed a new structure sitting down there too.

Well I hope you took the time to check it out

It's called the "Box of Knowledge" and represents one more victory in the human right of free expression for all of us.

YAY! for us all-- and special Kudos to my friends at the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers for putting it all together.



Mahale-and a baby boy

Ok so if you don't already know it I am ape for Apes

(you know- our non human relatives)


Mahale had a baby boy-(August the 29th)- he is healthy- he may just be the most beautiful baby (besides my daughters) I have ever seen-- like all baby chimps he has the sweet pink face- but I swear I can so see his mothers beauty in him as well.

Ok on second thought-- she is the most beautiful baby i've ever seen (ya know non-human baby)-- so he's the second.

His name is Kendi.


Archived FYI for May 09

Well so far the 'season' is off to a slam bang start
However this means that I feel like I am juggling 
while riding a unicycle
- just like all  you brides and grooms out there. 
But isn't it fun. 
I love every minute of it, and I am 
looking forward to sharing with you. 
Bookings are going fast- 
but as always you feel free to call and ask- 
even if an event is booked for a particular day 
there is almost always a time where I can be there- 
except the time booked and paid for 
by another couple of course. 
As always please call 24/7 for funeral needs.

Iowa stands up for humanity

Kudos to the state of Iowa for standing up for humanity.

Iowa has become only the 3rd state to recognize the legality of the civil marriage contract between all consenting adults!

Marriage is a legal - civil -contract between two people--- and like all contracts it should be legal for adults to enter into them. Period-end of my thoughts on that.


The other two states are Massachusetts and Connecticut.


Archived FYI for March 2009

Most certainly--- with proper documentation-


Any first responder ~ police, firefighter, paramedic-- that is killed in the line of duty-while on duty-providing professional service -- my services in the central Arkansas area for a funeral are at no cost.


Any service member who is killed while in the line of duty, in a combat area, while on duty and has honorable standing -- funeral services at no charge in the central Arkansas area.


A 50% discount applies to any licensed nurse-for funeral services-in the central Arkansas area. In honor of my mother-a retired Veterans Administration Nurse.


A 50% discount applies to any honorably discharged military member, including reserve members-for funeral services- in the central Arkansas area.

MAHALE is pregnant!

Mahale is going to have a baby! and for that matter so is her mother Judy!

Mahale is our 14 year old chimpanzee at the Little Rock zoo- her mother is Judy- I freely admit that I love them and probably go a bit overboard anthropomorphizing them-but I only have one life and am overjoyed that

Mahale is pregnant.

Judy is due probably in April and then later for Mahale.

archived FYI Jan-FEb. 2009

from the FYI on the first page for January and February 2009:

Do you do religious ceremonies?

Not in the traditional sense. I am a Humanist officiant. However if you would like to incorporate some element of traditional or personal faith please don't hesitiate to discuss it with me; I'm not anti-religion at all.

Often family and friends are overjoyed to stand up and lead a prayer or do a biblical reading during your ceremony. Music and readings of all sorts abound in pre-recorded format.

The ideas are as limitless as your imagination.

I was raised in the Missionary Baptist denomination and do understand the power and importance of religion in our lives.

I want to practice the idea of unconditional love and acceptance within the framework of Humanist endevour.

Joyfully yours,

Sheila Cordellia

January 2009

Ok so yesterday (the 24th) was my birthday. Ba-humbug 

I'm not old but people sometimes act as if my age now is ancient. Like the Crypt Keeper or something.....

President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in the 20th-- HO-Freakin-RAY!!! seriously the tears of joy and hope flowed, politicians usually manage to hack me off eventually I hope he has some staying power.

Jerison and Jodi will be 2 years old this month-- WOW time flies. They are the youngest sons of my youngest brother. Oh sure I'm biased-they are spectacularly beautiful children.

How Do I Explain

Oh J, oh dearest JJ. I only just now heard that you died the 2nd. Oh darling, sweetest love. How could I have missed this- how? Where have I been-where is my brain?

We have lost so much and so many lately

You, Kim, Richard, Rocky have died.

Daisy, Mwami, Dodi have moved.

My heart is broken -- just shattered.

I hope I see you on the other side-- whatever that may be.

Biggest guy in the universe (well close anyway)-- I love you.


I try and keep politics out of here-- except for my support of Barack H. Obama for President of the United States!


sometimes I just gotta climb up on the old soapbox--

Sylvia Browne is a fraud-- a nasty, dirty, vile  fraud.

The man who began the web site stop sylvia browne (dot) com Robert Lancaster recently suffered a stroke-

while he was recovering his domain name expired and was legally sold to someone who is a psychic supporter (or something).

So the new address is  update your links and pass the word.

Oh the new owner is willing to sell it back to him for 20 thousand dollars-- disgusting--

Summer Time & 08/08/08

Well it is July-- it is hot-- it is muggy-- we must be in Arkansas!

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July.


I am still open the late afternoon on the 8th- that is next Tuesday--- if you have been thinking about eloping-hand fasting-comitting this would be a great date. These types of dates are coming to a sort of end soon-- we will have a 09/09/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, 12/12/12 and then it will be a while before these dates repeat---like July 8, 2108 will be 08/08/08 again.

My baby girl will be 18 years old soon(09/04/08)-- and her sister was 21 on 03/01/08---- wow where does the time go.




The movie EXPELLED is dangerous and non-scientific drivel at it's worst. Much of the movie is also being targeted over questions of plagarism-- yes they are being sued for plagarism. Save your money for something worthwhile. Don't expose your brain to this crap-- the only thing it will do is kill brain cells.

For more visit

EXPELLED EXPOSED --- the web site is very busy-- so keep trying. While you are waiting for the page to clear open a new tab and browse other 'expelled exposed' sites.

You can also help by bloggin expelled exposed and providing a link in your blog to the page.

Your always in science and understanding,

Sheila Cordellia

(oh and visit PZ Myers blog  ( here)  for daily updates on Expelled Exposed and other science news-- if PZ were to run for pres. I'd dance in the street.)

Dylan Matthew

entered the world on February 18th, 2008 in Reno, Nevada

His mother is my darling sister-in-law(she's really my sister in my heart) Mary and my brother Jerome(my baby brother is a daddy y'all- how exciting is that!)

We are all so happy and Blessed to have this new person join our family.

He has 7 cousins waiting to play with him. They range in age from 21 to 14 month old twins!

I can't wait until they are all together at grandmother Betty's house- hope she can still juggle and roller skate.




Winter Begins

December 22nd is the shortest day of the year around here---- it brings thoughts of not only cold and winter but of the beauty and gift of the light and warmth of our own star- our Sun!

As the day dawns on December 23rd may you have peace and hope knowing that each day will be longer than the one before....

Winter solstice blessings on you all.

My beloved and dear friend Kim- female chimpanzee died quietly in her sleep November 8th, 2007.

I love you sweetheart- I do not think it has really hit me yet that you are gone. I talk about your death but I'm still getting used to the idea.

No one will ever call you 'monkey' again and never will you have to know the dishonor that was heaped upon you by Gerber while you were young. Here's to nail polish and lipstick and peanut butter and freedom and at long last peace.





I will not be hosting this event this year.


It is hot Arkansas August outside- but soon- in just a few short weeks- the seasons will begin to turn once again.

Join me Sunday September 23rd, 2007 at sunset at Pinnacle Mountain State Park to welcome and celebrate the Autumnal Equonox!

Details to come so check back soon.

update on 8/18/07:

tentative events-- all free-- open to all- families welcome(no childcare available)- this is a public state park so anyone can attend- but we do ask you be respectful and prepared to participate

*at sundown we will begin

* welcoming and lighting of the fire(probably no bonfire, but possibly some candles and sage)

*speaking on what this is, why we do it, history of autumn celebrations, what is the equinox, etc

*time for anyone who wishes to speak (but please this is not a place for debate, religious prostelytizing, you will be asked to move along)

*common cup toast (but we won't drink from a common cup- a common master container and paper cups will do), will not be alcohol.

*extinguish the fire 

July 13, 2007

I just received the news that I am going

to be an


again, for the 6th time!

 Congratulations to my brother Jerome and his wife Mary on the news of their first child (my other brother has already done this five times!)!

I can't even begin to express how I feel.

Words fail at times like this.

I can't wait- I'm moving to Reno(not really but I could flap my arms and fly out at this moment!)

I've discovered a new addiction

Traffic Web-Cameras in Tucson, Those who know me know that Tucson is my favorite city on the planet! So when I found out that there are several web-cams in the city  I was instantly hooked.

I was able to watch the 4th of July fireworks from my computer in the dispatch room here in Arkansas.

I also get to watch the beautiful sunset almost nightly via these cameras--- they are a true blessing to me. and click on traffic cams.

Check out my Tucson album for photos


I am still wide open for July 7th!

if you want a very unique date- book now


The current back ground image

updated 4/28/2007


is the center of the milky way galaxy take from the Hubble Space Telescope.

It never ceases to amaze me that we are made up of the same stuff as stars- the same chemicals and such.

Ain't nature grand!

Try it one night soon- take a blanket outside and lay on it and just look UP. It's a very peaceful way to commune with the universe.

And that would be 2001 you are listening to- what else to help celebrate the universe!

That baby girl is 20!

March 1st 2007

That baby girl I've told you all about is 20 years old.

my goodness....

I love you kiddo

sudden loss

A very precious being died on Tuesday February 13th. His name was Richard and he was a 32 year old male chimpanzee at the Little Rock Zoo.

I knew Richard through my volunteer work in enrichment at the zoo.

His loss is stunning to say the least- I am nearly speechless and my heart is broken.



Dearest Richard

Rest in peace big guy. I'll not forget you , it was and will continue to be a privilege and an honor to have been a part of your life. The touch of your influence will follow me all my days. Many who were ignorant simply called you "monkey"-- it is those of us who are truly blessed who knew the APE you were. I am proud to share 98% of my genes with such as you- you were truly family.  


Happy Spring

Ok-Ok so it is still deep dark winter



The background image is from and is copyright to Pip Wilson it shows the sun and moon sharing the vernal equinox.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox is on March 21st this year!


the song is Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky

Earth Day is march 22nd      This holiday in celebration of our home was made "official" by President Gerald R. Ford in 1974.     "  A study of the cosmos... and our place in it" Look here for some great information.