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Credo of Spiritual Humanism

many thanks to the Spiritual Humanists of St. Croix Valley-- give credit where credit is due in all things, a very good motto to have.

Credo Of Spiritual Humanism

We believe...

*Truth is conformity to fact or actuality. All truths are derived from natural causes and not from revelation.

*The truths of human nature demostrated in art are as important as the truths of the natural world demonstrated by science.

*Ordinary people are capable of solving problems. It is more productive to actively work together toward solutions than to rely on Divine assistance.

*Ordinary people ar ecapable of understanding the world using logical, rational, and analytic thought. All phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws without attributing moral or supernatural significance to them.

*Each person is born a good person and without "original" sin. Furthermore, each person is capable of living free from sin.

*Each person has the ability, called judgment, to assess situations or circumstances and to draw sound conclusions.

*Each person has the ability, called free will, to use their judgement to choose acts conforming to a set of principles defining right and wrong.We believe it is better to choose actions according to how closely they conform to ideal principles defining right and wrong rather than according to the perceived consequences of the action.

*Each person has the obligation to take responsiblitity for their accidental and deliberate acts. This responsibility includes expressing regret to the person wronged, making all possible reparations, and making every effort not to repeat the wrong. We all err, but we are not "sinners" and do not need to be "saved".

*Natural consequences are the only results of our actions. We do not believe in the existence of heaven or hell.

*All life came into being during the process of evolution. We are a part of the world and not dominant over it. We belong to each other and to the world itself.

*We do not believe that any text is the literal word of God; the bible, the quran, and all other so-called "holy books" were written by human beings and are not divinely inspired or authoritative.

*It's important to honor the great thinkers who have contributed to the world's body of knowledge. While we do not worship these people (or always agree with them), we do take time during the year to celebrate their lives and their contrubutions to our world. Through their works they have achieved a type of immortality. They are our mentors.

Principles of Spiritual Humanism

again Spiritual Humanists of St. Croix Valley is where I took this from.

*It is wrong to cause harm or discomfort to anyone.

*It is wrong to steal, damage or destroy the property of others.

*It is wrong to deceive or dissemble.

*It is right to protect and teach all children.

*It is right to benevolent, kind and compassionate to others.

*It is right to enjoy life.



Goals of Spiritual Humanism

from Spiritual Humanists of St. Croix Valley.

*Our goal is to create a community fostering goodwill, good friends, and emotional support during hard times, and happiness during good times, a moral grounding, and the spirit of creativity.

*Our goal is to return to the roots of humanism. We have passion for the classics, for science and technology. We acknowledge and respect our American traditions ( as well as others traditions - my words), especially the separation of church and state. italics mine