Sheila Cordellia Hicks

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Thank you, Thank you-- your kindness and love at my brothers funeral was so welcome and needed by all of us. I was so glad to find an officiant that would recognize the importance of my brothers life and his thoughts and feelings- the reading you gave from his diary was the most soothing balm on our hearts that you could have given. I simply can not express how much you now mean to our family- you brought us together as a family in so many ways during this horrible ordeal.

Carrie Massert


"Rev. Sheila"

Cass and I were so happy to find an officiant that would stand up with us at our marriage ceremony; as you know we've been a couple for 15 years and decided that we wanted to make a public statement of our lives together, of our love, of our family. You are simply amazing. Thank you for treating us just like any other couple- and thank you for being available to our families as well. We are most def. going to take you up on your offer of trading in our certificate for a marriage license one day, we can't wait, however we feel like we are truly married already and that the rubberstamp by the state is just more decoration on the cake. But like you said, it's important and we can't wait!

Love always,

Jennifer and Cass